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28th Mar2012

Breaking Out: Telefon Tel Aviv – The Sky is Black

by BerNs

I’ve been wanting to write about Telefon Tel Aviv ever since i started this site because their 2009 album, Immolate Yourself, has me addicted to this date! The US band was formed back in 1999 by Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis and they had a pretty solid career with 3 albums launched by the year 2009. Unfortunately, a few days after the release of the last album the band’s path came to a tragic point when Cooper was found dead leaving the band’s future uncertain…

However, The Birds EP was just released on BPitch Control and features The Birds (Outstanding first track from Immolate Yourself) and 2 Remixes by Ellen Allien and Mathew Dear but also we get the previous unreleased The Sky is Black, although that track was already known by fans. So i thought i would take this opportunity to finally feature them here because, expect for a remarkable remix of SONOIO‘s Can You Hear Me? last year, there hasn’t been any official releases since the tragic incident.

Honestly, everything this band puts out is pure genius and we definitely would love a new album even if Charles is no longer with us but hey, that’s just me hopping. Anyway here’s is the amazing The Sky is Black featuring Robin Guthrie and if you haven’t already been fortunate enough to listen to Immolate Yourself do yourself a favor and go do that!



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