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26th Oct2011

Breaking Out: Tycho’s – Dive

by luxulterior

Tycho first found itself bootlegged on my disc-man via a friend that knew how much I loved Boards of Canada. He told me that Tycho was “just like BOC but more refined”.

He was wrong of course…

Trying to objectivelly review the latest Tycho album is not an easy task to one with such an unconditional love for Scott Hansen‘s music. How can one be critical of a sound that at most one can say is possibly similar to X but it is at the same time so unique that it can only be called Y ?
That being said,  one can indeed find many similarities to BOC, but Scott Hansen has the habit of taking us to very different soundscapes; diferent worlds and diferent eras while BOC takes allong for a nostalgic ride down our disolved, folded, infant memories. It is easy to say that tycho sounds like something else but the thing is that it does not. Tycho sounds just like itself and Dive sounds like Tycho by further exploring the themes and sounds found in the previous albums. Additionally, Dive compiles several peaces of music that had been previously released as well as some spanking new material that of course never ceases to grove, travel and amaze and you may even find  all of that in the same song without losing cohesion and direction.

Scott‘s music  has always had the particularity of feeling like a soundtrack or a narrative of a dream. This is not surprising because Scott is a storyteller and at times we seem to know where the song is headed…only to  find that we are quite wrong.

Such is how a story should be written: Flawlessly and able to surprise the reader. Dive is just that: flawless and surprising.

Have a listen:

Tycho – The Daydream by Tycho

Tycho – Adrift by Tycho

You can listen to and purchase Dive here.

is published by Ghostly International.



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