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24th Oct2011

Catching Up: Feint

by BerNs

It has been argued that Drum and Bass died shortly after it reached mainstream in the late 90’s with acts like Goldie, Roni Size and DJ Hype but such opinions could not be considered if one listens to Feint . Hailing from the UK, Feint, AKA Andy H continues the tradition of UK Garage, proving that DnB did not die, it just mutated into various subgenres, some of them quite melodic even deserving the name of chillwave / Liquid DnB. What is Feint? Feint will take you into up above the clouds and fly over the landscape but will also take you into the grind of DnB, with the occasional melodious vocal thrown in the ever grooving mix.

Have a listen:

Feint – Clockwork Hearts [forth. Subsphere Records] by FeintDnb

Find out more about Feint though his facebook.

Feint – One Thousand Dreams by MonstahTracks

And listen to his extensive catalog on soundcloud.



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