23rd Jul2012

Breaking Out: …. And catching up with Nueva Forma!

by luxulterior

There is just no way of doing a Breaking Out feature with Nueva Forma because there is just so much going on that yesterday is already old news!

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First and foremost, Nueva Forma released the 21st instalment of the Listening pleasures podcasts. Yet again, it amazes, subtracts and adds all that a podcast could ever need and making this one of the most consistent, groundbreaking music podcasts out there in the great seaworthy internet. The episode was lovingly curated by Wolfe+585 who took the reigns and you should check it out here.

As if that was not enough, one of my favorite Nueva Forma luminaries released a new track: IG88‘s Between Vivid and Exhale.

check it out :

More? New release by Pinscape!

…and waddayaknow, Masmod has a new track as well:

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Besides all these goodies, it sucks to be poor because with the right means or a borrowed jet, I would have made it to Priceless Fest were Masmod, Miori and Recue played..

Here is the teaser:

…and here are the highlights:

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No Nueva forma post could be completed without me whining about Miori so I’ll keep it simple and dignified by providing his soundcloud page once again and a beautiful track from his previous release I Have No Memory Of This Place. Needless to say that his new album can’t come out fast enough.

As I finish editing this post something else may have happened over at Nueva Forma so make sure you check out their web site and facebook!

02nd Jun2012

Catching Up : A Loom & Not Me by IG88

by luxulterior


This is only a catching up feature due to my overly busy, pointless life and general aloofness. IG88, AKA Branden Clarke one of Nueva Foma‘s new inductees released his label debut and to no one’s fault but my own, I failed to talk about it on Cultbreak. After I flailed myself for several hours I finally listened to the album from top to bottom and found, as expected, a marvel of breaking melodious vocals, upbeats, downbeats, joy, sadness and memory. It is not often that a record tells a story.

Have a listen:


IG88 is yet another great addition to the Nueva Forma catalog; a label that insists on not disappointing those of us looking for great new music.

27th Mar2012

Catching Up: Oliver Tank – Dreams

by BerNs

Oliver Tank is the brilliant Australian musician that has been impressing everyone with its music as some are describing it as Bon Iver meets James Blake.

While there’s still no full album for the 22 year old on the horizon yet, his debut EP Dreams, released by Yes Records, is making the wonders of a lot of people all over the internet and he has already had his first international performance at Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik on October 2011.

Also, check out his performance live at The Bridge Club in Brisbane, Australia, presented by Silo Arts:


22nd Mar2012

Catching Up: Devil`s Heartbeat Video Playlist

by luxulterior

I have been scouring the internet for what I hope will become a new trend: Music Video Playlists! Here is one of my favorites so far:

This was performed live on tinychat and bummerbit radio during BummerBit Presents – Devil`s Heartbeat
– A live virtual event held in videochat and streamed over Bummerbit radio

†† Synesthesiæ Films Visual / DJ Set: Haunted Disco ††


0. Haunted Disco (Serial Killer Spectre Ambient Opener) 00:00
1. Valotihkuu – Synaesthesia (Intro) 00:52
2. VHS Head – Sundown 04:33
3. Walsh – Kommissar ft.PERSONA LA AVE 06:20
4. Navigateur – Girl On The Couch 08:59
5. Cadillac – Dreams (Sun Glitters Remix) 11:34
6. Monster Rally – Rainbow Rd. (Teen Daze Remix) 15:33
7. A Gap Between – Blaster 18:55
8. LUST – Mémoire 21:05

Length: 23:57

16th Mar2012

Catching Up: Bon Iver – Towers

by BerNs

I kinda forgot to post this and i don’t really know why since Bon Iver is easily one my Top albums of last year! Anyway, and even if this has been out for a month now and you probably already saw it, i figured it was better late than never.

Bon Iver had an incredible year with his self-titled album being praised by fans and critics all over and wonning him Best Alternative Music Album and Best New Artist at the Grammys 2012 even thou he’s not really new, since he’s been delighting our ears for years and this is actually the second album with the first released back in 2008.

Anyway, here’s the amazing new video for one of my favorite tracks, Towers:

…and bellow, to redeem myself for the late post, ill leave you with the outstanding 4AD/Jagjaguwar Session at AIR Studios which is pure bliss and probably the most rewarding 24 minutes of your musical life!


22nd Nov2011

Catching Up : John Maus

by luxulterior

Few people noticed that in 2011 Minnesota native John Maus released an album that explored a well established field of nostalgic electriopop eclectica. Things changed when the album started getting a fraction of its deserved airplay and the fact that the field is populated by some rather remarkable names in no way took away any merit for what is a stunning and unique set of extremely pleasing synth rifs layered over vocal layers reminiscent of Georgio Maroder and German industrial techno. His 2011 release is called We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves and is however just the latest collection of brilliant and ethereal low-fi songs.

John Maus – Believer by RibbonMusic

John Maus – Quantum Leap by RibbonMusic

John Maus – Do Your Best by Shyu

John Maus is currently touring various european cities and is published by Upset The Rhythm Records.

07th Nov2011

Catching Up: Holy Other

by luxulterior

There is something intrinsically pleasing about whatever layers of sound Manchester’s Holy Other publishes. It would seem that the world comes to a near halt and all things around us fall in step with deep vocals and beats that cut through our perceptions and force us to tap along as a melancholic wall of sound consumes you from the inside out. Holy Other‘s production started about a a year and a half ago in Berlin though he has been quoted saying that location does not influence his sound, we can tell that he listens to 80’s music though one cannot pinpoint one or another influence. Indeed we can only recognize a few samples such as the drum pattern of Yr Love, which samples Grace Jones’s Pull Up To The Bumper. At most we can certainly notice a heavy R&B influence in several tracks but he never lets himself get pinned down. Holy Other is a unique, patient, enveloping music that will take over your heart rate.

Miori Teaser 2 – 2012 from Aaron Sjogren on Vimeo.

I have seldom seen a better combination of music and time lapse photography.