06th Jan2012

Breaking Out: Foster The People – Don’t Stop

by BerNs

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The californian boys are back with their fourth video also directed by Daniels and this time for Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls). Its a crazy video but Daniels delivers once again a very entertaining piece of film, check it out bellow:


06th Jan2012

Breaking Out: Clock Opera – Once And For All

by BerNs

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Check out the video for Once And For All, a track you probably already knew but that the band is releasing as their next single from the forthcoming album. This is the version that will be featured on the album and video is absolutely brilliant!

Directed by Ben Strebel this little gem is as beautiful as it it is moving and its bound to make you shed a tear:


20th Dec2011

Breaking Out: Nueva Forma family is growing!

by luxulterior

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2012 promises to be a great year for electronic music and in the forefront of innovative new beats is the ever relevant Nueva Forma Label. Recently they signed on 3 new amazing artists and we could not be more excited.

P è n i n s o l a r – Aéronautique Preview by P è n i n s o l a r

GOUSEION_Let’s Crush (Graintable Remix) by RUNRIOTrecords

Seahorse Paternity Test (feat Jenni Potts) by IG88

20th Dec2011

Breaking Out: Com Truise on Cruise Control

by luxulterior

The ever prolific Com Truise (ghostly) has just released yet another amazing remix: Foster The People’s ‘Helena Beat’.

Check it!

Foster The People – Helena Beat (Com Truise Remix) by Com Truise

07th Dec2011

Breaking out: Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

by luxulterior

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Needless to say that one of this years most awaited releases is Justice‘s AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO. The album came out October 24th and a second single is already out! As expected, the album does not disapoint even though Justice seems to have gone in a slighly more experimental direction. While cross did not have a beat out of line, AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO is all bout vocal and instrumental harmony. Maybe fans will be surprised since we do not find the same exquisite groves and heavy rythms that made cross THE dance album of the last decade; jutice is now working strong rock and indie influence into their music and image. Still, what we found in Cross was inovation and beauty and  AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO continues to show us that Justice is still one of the most relevant names in French music.

Listen to the album here!


Justice – Audio, Video, Disco from Justice on Vimeo.

07th Dec2011

Breaking Out: Ben Howard – Only Love

by BerNs

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Check out this charming little video of Ben performing Only Love! While touring in Netherlands he was asked to shoot an acoustic version of track, only to find out during the recordings that a secret flashmob was set up around this recordings and hundreds of people suddenly appeared from the dark to attend the performance. You can definitely feel the love in that street!

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Ben Howard: ‘We didn’t realise anyone was coming. I was tired and behaving like a jerk. It was probably one of the craziest things we’ve ever done.’


06th Dec2011

Breaking Out: The Weeknd – The Knowing

by BerNs

On a previous post we mentioned that the first official video from the Canadian R’n’B sensation was in the works and well, its finally out!

The track is the last song from House Of Balloons, the first Mixtape by The Weeknd released at the beginning of the year. Speaking of which, the last part of the trilogy of mixtapes announced by the band, Echoes of Silence should be released soon, so keep your heads up for that! In the meantime check out the amazingly beautiful video for The Knowing directed by Mikael Colombu:


22nd Nov2011

Catching Up : John Maus

by luxulterior

Few people noticed that in 2011 Minnesota native John Maus released an album that explored a well established field of nostalgic electriopop eclectica. Things changed when the album started getting a fraction of its deserved airplay and the fact that the field is populated by some rather remarkable names in no way took away any merit for what is a stunning and unique set of extremely pleasing synth rifs layered over vocal layers reminiscent of Georgio Maroder and German industrial techno. His 2011 release is called We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves and is however just the latest collection of brilliant and ethereal low-fi songs.

John Maus – Believer by RibbonMusic

John Maus – Quantum Leap by RibbonMusic

John Maus – Do Your Best by Shyu

John Maus is currently touring various european cities and is published by Upset The Rhythm Records.

15th Nov2011

Breaking Out: Teaser from The Bear And The Sea

by BerNs

The evil minds over at the Nueva Forma seem to have found a way to keep us wanting and waiting, scratching dates off our ever slow calendars and forcing double helpings of patience by giving us small samples of that which we long for.

Their latest instalment is a teaser from storyteller The Bear and The Sea, also known as Portland’s own Damon Sheeley. The Bear And The Sea will be releasing his full length debut this fall but if you hunger for immediate satisfaction do check out his soundcloud page. As for the forthcoming EP, Here is a taste of what is to come.