18th May2012

Breaking Out: Van She – Idea Of Happiness

by BerNs

The Australian electropop band is back with a new album to be released on July 6th. Idea Of Happiness is the name of the latest studio work and also of the latest single which you can watch bellow in a video directed by Andreas Nilsson the guy who gave us the latest videos from Miike Snow and the Jean Noel saga:


17th May2012

Breaking Out: Ben Howard – Only Love

by BerNs

If you visit the site frequently you probably know we love Ben Howard and we’re truly happy he’s getting all the success he deserves because hes tremendously talented.

That being said and because we could never get enough of his Videos, Ben is throwing all his love back at us and just released a new video for Only Love directed by the his usual partner in the visuals, Mickey Smith:


17th May2012

Breaking Out: Asbjørn – The Criminal

by BerNs

From Denmark comes the 19 year old wonder kid that’s changing the face of modern Pop following the footsteps of James Blake and others with the same inventive and fresh take on indie-electronic music that sometimes feels a bit experimental.

The debut album Sunken Ships, which was recorded over the last two years in Aarhus, Asbjørn’s home town, was released last month and immediately started collecting very positive reviews. The first single from the album The Criminal, came out a while ago and bellow you can watch the video for it directed by Mads Fridolin:


03rd May2012

Breaking Out: Zhala – Slippin Around

by BerNs

The debut single from Swedish performer Zhala, that you might recognized from being a supporting singer for Lykke Li, couldn’t have been better received throughout the blogosphere last week. And honestly it has all the merit as this is one of the best singles to have came out this year so far.

Slippin Around is an incredible mix of electro, pop and indie vibes that steadily build into a tribal and dark frenzying making this a memorable track and leaving us impatiently waiting for news on a debut EP. Check-out the equally amazing video directed by Makode Linde:


28th Apr2012

Breaking Out: Foster The People – Houdini

by BerNs

No stranger to us here at cultbreak.com and surely no stranger to the crowds these days, the Californian boys have released another single, they very much loved Houdini.

They’ve been impressing with their videos as well staying faithful to their usual directors, Daniels from which we already featured a couple of videos. Like the previous, this one is tremendously entertaining and really fun to watch, specially considering that the producers characters are played by the actual producers! Check it out it bellow:


13th Apr2012

Breaking Out: Johnny Neon – Hearts

by BerNs

From Cape Town, South Africa, Johnny Neon is the electronic project of Johnny Kotze and Ben Rausch. The band first started out in 2004 as Johnny‘s project of which went by the name of The Hot Lips back then. The band wrote and produced a fair number of songs which later became their first EP released independently. Johnny then moved to Johannesburg in 2006 which is where he met Ben and together they created the moniker Johnny Neon.

This month we got a brand new video for an older song, Hearts, directed by Dave Meinert and its a pretty cool video that follows a day in a dog life that Dave portrayed by putting a GoPro camera on a dog using a custom built rig from soccer shin guard and an H-harness:


13th Apr2012

Breaking Out: St. Lucia – Closer Than This (Acoustic)

by BerNs

The most recent member of Neon Gold Records, St. Lucia recently released their debut self-titled EP and after their first video for the amazing We Got It Wrong, that we posted a while back, the band stripped from all the electronics and sat down for a few acoustic performances recorded exclusively for Neon Gold TV.

As a result, we get this awesome live video for Closer Than This that definitely reinforces the project’s raw talent. Check it out bellow:


10th Apr2012

Breaking Out: Boy Crisis – L’Homme

by BerNs

Boy Crisis has been around since 2005 but they’ve had bumpy ride along the way with some critics dishing the band and some praising it, oddly enough for the same reasons. While this might seem confusing for most, the Brooklyn band had apparently disappeared since we virtually haven’t heard from them in a few years, leaving a lot of people wondering if their ride was over for good.

However, a new video directed by Jovan Todorović and Đorđe Peševski Kiborz for L’Homme (an old song) has recently surfaced which might mean that the band is planning a reboot of some sort. And you know what? We’re happy about that, since we can all use this light-funky-feel-good-electro-pop to brighten our days with everything that is going on in the world right now.

So here we are, supporting the eventual comeback of Boy Crisis and, at the same time, contributing to a little extra joy in your day:


10th Apr2012

Breaking Out: Daughter – Medicine

by BerNs

Haunting atmospherics and a stunning voice that often brings to mind Florence Welch define Daughter. The project of Elena Tonra, her boyfriend Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella from London has been slowly getting the attention it deserves after releasing two EP’s last year, His Young Heart and the latest The Wild Youth.

Sadly there are no official videos or a full album on the horizon yet but, while im sure those wont take too long to come, the guys over at Watch Listen Tell caught up with the band and you know what that means. Oh, wait, you dont?! Well let me enlighten you, we get to experience a beautiful and perfectly captured acoustic performance of Medicine on a public park with HD picture and perfect sound recording like only WLT knows how to deliver!

So hit play on the video and enjoy:

Also, bellow ill leave you with the original version of Medicine and the first track from The Wild Youth, Home:


07th Apr2012

Breaking Out: SBTRKT – Hold On

by BerNs

Aaron Jerome is the man behind SBTRKT (pronounced Subtract) and he started out as London DJ and after a few remixes and a few EP’s launched he finally delivered his self-titled debut album on June 2011. His music is this fresh mix of R’n'B, Dubstep and Chicago House.

The masks are usually on to maintain a certain anonymity as the artist himself describes “rather not talk about myself as a person, and let the music speak for itself. The name SBTRKT is me taking myself away from that whole process. I’m not a social person, so having to talk to DJs to make them play a record is not something I want to do. It’s more about giving them a record as an anonymous person and seeing whether they like it or not. If they play it, they play it.”

The most recent extract from the debut album is Hold On and its an amazing track that comes with a new awesome video directed by Sam Pilling which came out in February. Check it out: