07th Nov2011

Catching Up: Holy Other

by luxulterior

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There is something intrinsically pleasing about whatever layers of sound Manchester’s Holy Other publishes. It would seem that the world comes to a near halt and all things around us fall in step with deep vocals and beats that cut through our perceptions and force us to tap along as a melancholic wall of sound consumes you from the inside out. Holy Other‘s production started about a a year and a half ago in Berlin though he has been quoted saying that location does not influence his sound, we can tell that he listens to 80’s music though one cannot pinpoint one or another influence. Indeed we can only recognize a few samples such as the drum pattern of Yr Love, which samples Grace Jones’s Pull Up To The Bumper. At most we can certainly notice a heavy R&B influence in several tracks but he never lets himself get pinned down. Holy Other is a unique, patient, enveloping music that will take over your heart rate.